Chef Simone Tognetti


Are the insects the future of food?  Yes, they are.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (UN), edible insects have a high nutritional value, they contain proteins, vitamins and amino acids good for the human body.

Insects should become part of people’s diets around the world as an environmentally friendly alternative to meat. Even if eating insects is considered disgusting in Western societies, in some countries of Asia and Africa, it’s part of the local traditions. In fact, 2 billion people worldwide consume insects as part of their diet.


Other than their nutritional value, eating insects has less of an impact on our planet than more conventional sources of protein. They emit less gases and they can be cultivated on organic waste.

Here is the first "taste" of the research that Chef Simone is doing about entomophagy.

Crispy and spicy ants

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Crispy and spicy ants

Caterpillars from Saigon street food market, Vietnam